BIO Sun Dried Tomatoes Spread

BIO Sun Dried Tomatoes Spread

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Region : DrĂ´me provencale


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Sun dried tomatoes*, tomatoes*, olive oil*, onions*, salt, Provencal herbs*, lemon juice*, garlic pulp*, pepper*. [Organically grown ingredients]

For: 100g 
Energie/Energy : 1186kJ/287kcal 
Matières grasses/Fat : 23,5g dont acides gras saturés/of which saturated fat : 3,2g 
Glucides/Carbohydrate : 15,7g dont sucres/of which sugars : 9,3g 
Protéines/Protein : 3,2g 
Sel/Salt : 2,7g


Ideal handmade recipe for an aperitif with friends but also asurprising ingredient to serve with some goat cheese.