Gummy Bears (Bio+Vegan)

Gummy Bears (Bio+Vegan)

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Region : France


Tasty France

Organic gummies based on organic fruit pectin and made in France, 
80g of sweetness awaits you in the shape of little BEARS!

Sophie M organic candies are…

made without artificial colors and with natural aromas of lemons and cherries,
vegan (without corn animal gelatin with fruit pectin) and organic,
lactose free
gluten free

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Organic jelly confectionery made with pectin. Ingredients: glucose syrup *, sugar *, gelling agent: pectin, natural flavors *, acidifier: lemon concentrate*, black carrot juice *, curcuma* extract, spirulina extract *, coating agents: sunflower oil *, carnauba wax*. * ingredients from organic farming.

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes/average nutritional valuers pour/for 100 g :Energie: 1416 kJ/338 kcal . Matières grasses /Fat: 0,09g (dont acides gras saturés:0,08g) - Glucides /carbohydrate: 84g (dont sucres 60 g) - Protéines: 0,0g - Sel/salt 0,13g.

À consommer de préférence avant le / best before :

Poids net / Net weight : 80 g