The online sales from Pascal’s GmbH, located  in der Hauswiese 6, 8125 Zollikerberg, and registered in the « Canton of Zurich under the  number : CHE.250.523.956 through www.pascalstaste.ch website,are exclusively governed by the following terms:


By placing an order, each customer implicitly accepts Pascal’s GmbH’s terms.


Through www.pascalstaste.ch, Pascal’s GmbH sells its products under the price and conditions that apply when the customer places their order regardless of any changes that could occur after the order is placed and/or before the delivery of the order.

The payment of the order must be done by using on of the different forms of payment available on www.pascalstaste.ch website when the customer place and confirm their order (there will be no possibility to pay in our promises or to pay by check or cash)

Prices include VAT.

Delivery outside Switzerland available soon


All orders will be placed through www.pascalstaste.ch.

The contract starts when Pascal’s GmbH,through the www.pascalstaste.ch website, has confirmed the order with an email stating that the order has been received.

The order confirmation will outline which products have been ordered, the delivery date, and the total invoice price of the order (VAT and delivery costs included).

A second confirmation will be sent to the customer when their order is ready to be delivered along with a confirmation of the delivery date.

An order confirmed by Pascal’s GmbH through www.pascalstaste.ch can’t be cancelled.

Pascal’s GmbH, through www.pascalstaste.ch, could include additional products/samples free of charge for a specific loyalty promotion.

To be able to place an order, each customer must declare that they are 18+ and confirm the validity of the information they declare.


The objective of Pascal’s GmbH is to honor the delivery date indicated within the order confirmation email. However, because Pascal’s GmbH sub-contracts and uses a third party to deliver the order, Pascal’s GmbH cannot be held responsible for a delay, if the delay is due to the third party in charge of the delivery.

If the customer does not receive their order by the delivery due date stated on their confirmation email, then the customer will need to send an official recorded letter to Pascal’s GmbH within the 24h after the original delivery date, which was confirmed by the third party.

The delivery will be sent to the address the customer notedwithin their order:

-          If the order has been received and paid for before 12h00 (mid day), then the customer will receive their order by 17h00 the following day

-          If the order has been received and paid for after 12h00 (mid day), then the customer will receive their order between 48 and 72 hours after receiving the confirmation

-          If you want to receive your order at a specific date (later than 48/72h) please select the requested specific date on the form order



The customer needs to let Pascal’s GmbH know, via email the same day of the delivery if a product is defective.

In that case, the proof of damage (e.g a photo) has to be attached to the email. Pascal’s GmbH will process the complaint within the 48h after receiving the email. If the complaint is approved by Pascal’s GmbH, a refund will be sent to the customer.


An expiration date is indicated on all products offered by Pascal’s GmbH available on www.pascalstaste.ch.


Pascal’s GmbH, through the www.pascalstaste.ch website, can decide to modify the terms and conditions of Pascal’s GmbH whenever it is deemed necessary. Modifications of the terms and conditions would not be applicable to  customers if their order has already been confirmed. Only the terms and conditions valid and in force at the time of the  confirmation of the order will be applicable to the customers.

Customer information will be registered and forwarded to Pascal’s GmbH’s partners in charge of the preparation of the order and its delivery.

All private information will be kept confidential. Legal data protection provisions as provided by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Law will be respected. Pascal’s GmbH confirms not to communicate any private customer information to third parties except as required in order to proceed with the deliveries and to the extent mentioned above.

Furthermore, the use of private informationprovided to Pascal’s GmbH would only be used by Pascal’s GmbH in order to deliver a better service to its customers (e.g for targeted promotional deals, loyalty programs, personalized offers, etc.). The customer accepts the use of his  information for the above mentioned purposes..

8. governing law and jurisdiction

All contracts and agreements with Pascal’s GmbHas well as the present terms and conditions are exclusively  governed bySwiss law (i.e. by the Swiss  « Code of Obligations (CO) »), with  the exception of all international conventions such as « la Convention de Vienne ».

All disputes arising in connection with contracts and agreements with Pascal’s GmbH will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent courts at the registered domicile of the Pascals’s GmbH in Zollikerberg (Switzerland).